What is this?

Well, this is a memorial site for animals, that are;

  • 100% Free,
  • Non intrusive
  • Advertisement free


We don’t use;

  • Tracking cookies
  • Annoying popups
  • Account registration


We don’t;

  • Sell or share any data with anybody.
  • Spam or send annoying reminders or advertisement.


The 1 billion dollars question, why no advertisement?

I hate advertisment, I hate to be interrupted with advertisement in the middle of pages.

I hate single-minded money h***y people that can’t do anything without demanding compensation…

We just love animals…


What's a Betatest?

Betatest is when somebody need to test their creation (usually a program/app) and releases it to the public so they can test it, and detect issues/bugs.

Now, this isn’t normally used on webpages, but since there are only ONE coder here (me), and I would like to test that everything works & looks as it should.

So therefore I decided to open it ahead of the schedule (June ¹st)

Everything should work as intended, but new features, changes might occur during this time…

IF you find anything that’s not working or isn’t displayed correctly, please contact me..

a screenshot displaying an illegal attempt to hack this site

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