How How is this page maintained?

This site, the domains, the software & server is paid by our benefactor, The Cat lover, Mr. Bengtsson

(He loves all animals)

Even thou he’s living on a low-income disability pension, he insisted that we should create this site.

He’s a proud man, and insisted that this site would be run without any income, no fees, no advertisement, and only with his earnings.

However, We have persuaded him to accept donations, and his response was:

You can create a function for that, but I doubt anyone would pay a penny, since everybody just want to have, without paying for it (including me)

But this website is in my treat..

but… if someone really wants to contribute a penny, it’s ok to do so..


What's a Betatest?

Betatest is when somebody need to test their creation (usually a program/app) and releases it to the public so they can test it, and detect issues/bugs.

Now, this isn’t normally used on webpages, but since there are only ONE coder here (me), and I would like to test that everything works & looks as it should.

So therefore I decided to open it ahead of the schedule (June ¹st)

Everything should work as intended, but new features, changes might occur during this time…

IF you find anything that’s not working or isn’t displayed correctly, please contact me..

a screenshot displaying an illegal attempt to hack this site

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