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Legal, Cookies & General information

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This cookie policy has been created and updated by CookieFirst CMP.

And now some general information…

If you create a post, will all your information (that you fill in), will be stored, and some of it displayed on the site.
We do not display your email or your name 

Your photo(s), is, and will ALWAYS be your property, and we do not steal then and earn money by selling them (like some pages do)

Now to the big bad wolf!

I’ve been avoiding google as much as I can, because the store and sell everything about everyone.
However, I need to use their reCAPTCHA, to protect the system against bots & robots.

So on pages where you can post/comment stuff, reCAPTCHA will be used.

You can click on their logo to read their privacy policy.

Thanks to the stupid EU and some other states, we have to inform you about all this, when it’s really basic knowledge, that site stores cookies and information about your visit (most of them also sells that data, WE DON’T)

cat with book background

Hello, HELLO!, does anybody read this text?

I know I never do (almost never), but if you’re down here and reading, you’ve been doing a great work..

.. now.. , can you please tell us what this really means?


This is a screenshot of a message that has been sent from the site to our system...

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