Site was down 2 hours

A failure in (hosting company) led to a downtime today between 5.33 (Utc +2, Cet) until 7.34. The reasons was something to do with the ssl certificate, but no further information was released by

Having Security issues with seo

At the moment I’m having issues with the seo software. for those that don’t know what it is, it’s basicly a system that makes sure we display the things we want to Google and other visitors, but keep that we don’t want to be listed a secret…So if you choose to not list your Memorial, it shouldn’t end up on

Systems are go!

Everything seems to be working, a few tweaks, and a few corrections, but the system is ready to accept visitor.   The “short-address” is working as planned, users can now share the internet address (theirpage) instead of


I’m currently working on creating short “advertisement” videos to be distributed to Facebook & Google.  

Open for Betatest

Finally, is enough done to open the site. Everything should be working as expected! I’m not counting on any rush, I haven’t done any advertisment that where here…

Struggling with bugs.

I’m finally finished for opening the beta trial of the system, but Elementor has literally been bugging me out. The galleries can’t be sorted completely because of the bug, but it still displays every correctly so it will work until the issue hopefull is solved by the developers of Elementor. Otherwise we will replace the gallery with another.