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First we need some information about you

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Then I need some information about your pet..

What was your pets name?

What Year did your pet die?
This field is NOT required, but it would look good on the memorial page (all 4 digits)
What year was your pet born?
This field is NOT required, but it would look good on the memorial page (all 4 digits)be If you’re unsure, try to estimate what year it was born
07 What kind of animal was it?

Wasn’t your pet listed?

Please select OTHER in the species-box, and write down the species of your pet here if it didn’t exist on the list, and I’ll add it..
if it was on the list, just leave this field empty

Then we need some words...

Here can you write your eulogy eulogy /ˈjuːlədʒi/ noun a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, especially a tribute to someone who has just your pet. Write a memory, or a funny anecdote. anecdote /ˈanɪkdəʊt/ noun a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. .. or write what you feel, straight from your heart…

And now we need to choose design & options

Here you can select what background
Click on the “show backgrounds” button to see all backgrounds & colors.
When you have found something you like, remember the name, and select that name in the drop-down box below…
you want to have on your page

Then we need a photo...

Here can you upload a photo of your pet, that will be the main photo on the memorial page. It’s recommended to use a Portrait photo over a Landscape

Then we have.. more choices...

Here we will be asking about how you want to expose your memorial and what functions you want on your page..


Do you want to have your memorial page available in our lists & discoverable by searching (on this site, Google etc.)We can’t guarantee that bots & crawlers can’t find a backway or sniffing the url by getting it elsewhere (when you for example shares the address), but we are trying our best! (email & stuff are never published, and can’t be found..)

Do you want to let the visitor to your memorial page to add aheart? A heart is displayed below the photo where users can click on and a counter adds 1 heart to the memorial page.
Do you want to let the visitor to leave a comment on your memorial page?

And finally, the things that shouldn't be necessary...

Put terms here.

Portrait OR Landscape ?


To Maximize the look on the memorial page, it’s recommend to use a portrait picture of your pet.


Landscape is also accepted, but might not fit as good as a portrait photo


What's a Betatest?

Betatest is when somebody need to test their creation (usually a program/app) and releases it to the public so they can test it, and detect issues/bugs.

Now, this isn’t normally used on webpages, but since there are only ONE coder here (me), and I would like to test that everything works & looks as it should.

So therefore I decided to open it ahead of the schedule (June ¹st)

Everything should work as intended, but new features, changes might occur during this time…

IF you find anything that’s not working or isn’t displayed correctly, please contact me..

a screenshot displaying an illegal attempt to hack this site

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